Two-barred Crossbill

In Gribskov with PPO. I would have sworn, not to twitch the Two-barreds in Gribskov, but when PPO suggested a short trip (and I really needed to get out of Copenhagen) I couldn't resist.


Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Siberian Stonechat

Celebrating my birthday on Skallingen, near Blåvand, we went and had very nice views of the Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Grønningen (Mærsk Vase, exactly where the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper was discovered). Henrik Knudsen (HKn) found a Siberian Stonechat (maurus) near the ringing station, and luckily we got short but good close views of it.

Watch Rasmus Stracks video of the maurus Stonechat here.

HKn caught two Yellow-browed Warblers when we got there - the first I see this year.

 1cy Buff-breasted Sandpiper


African White-backed Vulture

Javier "full time birding" Elorriaga found an African White-backed Vulture at el Algarrobo (Algarrabo), southern Spain. Well done!


Turning Torso (Malmö)

Malmö seen from Stubben (southeast)



This morning at Stubben:
Marsh Harrier  8
Sparrowhawk  26
Honey Buzzard  2
Common Buzzard  5
Merlin  1
Hobby  1

Hen Harrier (1cy male) 

Distant Hobby


Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

Yesterday at 11 a.m. Henrik Knudsen (HKn) found a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper at Grønningen, near Blåvand in western Jutland.
This constitutes the 2nd record for Denmark (following end July 2008)

I got the opportunity to twitch the bird the following morning (September 9) with Andreas Hagerman and Dan Bruhn.

When we got there at 7:15, other observers had been looking for the bird for more than an hour. 40min later, I relocalized the bird on the adjacent field, and we had it nicely for an hour.

Hagermans video (youtube)



With Kristian Laustsen.

Many Honey Buzzards coming in from Sweden. KLa found a skulky Wryneck, and I found a 1cy Bluethroat (the first I've seen on Seeland).
UPDATE: and after I left KLa found two Long-tailed Skuas, flying high over Stubben. Damn, I shouldn't have left early but I had to (going to Samsø).

Samsø in the weekend

Going to Samsø for the weekend. Weather forecast looking very good with winds shifting to SE saturday morning.

Hopefully I'll post photos and notes from that trip on sunday.