Prøvestenen / Kløvermarken (Pyrolysegrunden)

With KLa in eastern Copenhagen, near Prøvestenen, where we had good numbers of migrants.

To mention (quite) a few:
  • Red-backed Shrike 5 (all 1cy)
  • Sparrowhawk 5
  • Honeybuzzard 1 (flushed from tree)
  • Lesser Whitethroat 5
  • Osprey 1
  • Chiffchaff 7
  • Willow Warbler 10
  • Tree Pipit 1
  • Spotted Flycatcher 6
  • Whitethroat 3
  • Pied Flycatcher 3
  • Whinchat 1
  • Redstart 2
  • Wheatear 1
  • Garden Warbler 1
  • Blackcap 2

Spotted and Pied Flycatchers


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Pied Flycatcher

Pied Flycatcher - note the second wingbar on median coverts.

Juvenile Sparrowhawk


Klydesøen, Vestamager, Copenhagen

Vestamager with my friend Christian Tagmose (CTa).

1cy Common Tern

Two of the six Caspian Terns seen today (5 ad + 1 juv)

Red-crested Pochard 

Shitty photograph of a distant Red-necked Phalarope.


Sardinian Warbler and ringing in Blaavand

Heard the Sardinian Warbler another 6 times this morning, and saw the bird in glimpses as it aggressively responded to playback of both song and call.

The ringing didn't come out quite as exciting as I'd hoped, and I rang only 15 birds (11 hours).


Sardinian Warbler

Got to Blåvand this afternoon to have three days of ringing, and I kept my fingers crossed that the Sardinian Warbler would still be there. And he is!

Spend some 45 minutes next the bushes I'd been advised to stay close to, and finally the bird called it's harsh, rattling call, that I have heard on several occasions in Spain and Israel (and as recently as one week ago in northern Spain). The bird called while there was no playback, so it went through loud and clear.
It was quite a relief, but I still hope to get a closer look at the bird tomorrow.


Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria (Spain)

Melodious Warbler

1cy Iberian Chiff

Shearwaters predominantly passing quite far out (didn't have a scope), but impression and the low and quite active flight suggests Balearic (these three photos of the same individual). Cory's also seen, I didn't manage to get photos though.

From time to time Booted Eagles and Short-toed (this photo) turned up, but their abundance was not impressive. Black Kites, Griffon Vultures, Common and Honey Buzzards, on the contrary, were relatively numerous.