Gribskov, 30 June

Caught another five Red-backed Shrikes today (3 female & 2 males).

To birds were carrying rings, but had not been mounted with GeoLocators.

Male Osprey was flying high above our heads calling and flapping its wings - nice to see this display. A display and a call that I was not familiar with.


Gribskov, 29 June

Gribskov with Christian Tagmose today.

Apart from numerous shrikes we had displaying Osprey (even heard!) and three displaying Honey Buzzards. 

 My very own Shrike. This bird was ringed as nestling in 2009 just 400m from where we caught it today.

GeoLocator mounted.


Gribskov, 24 June

Another looong day in Gribskov. Found some 21 Shrikes, but only one with ring (ringed as nestling and hence no GeoLocator).

Local Osprey

Displaying Honey Buzzard

Note the black ring on left leg. 
This bird was ringed as chick in Gribskov last year.

Two photos of the same female Red-backed Shrike.


Found another one...

Went to Gribskov (again-again-again) today with TEO and found another bird from a previous year of this project.

This male Red-backed Shrike is a 4cy+ and is an extraordinary case:

In 2009 we caught this bird (as 2cy+) and mounted a GeoLocator on it. The bird was retrapped in 2010 on the same location, where the GeoLocator was exchanged to a new one.

And now it sits on the same location in Gribskov, chases away other male shrikes, and calls and sings from his post.


Female Red-backed Shrike with GeoLocator caught

Today, APT, TEO and I caught another Red-backed Shrike carrying a GeoLocator.

This female (3cy+) was in good condition and so was the GeoLocator.

That brings us to three re-captures - but we've only just begun!

Below: photo from 2010 showing another female Red-backed Shrike with a GeoLocator mounted.


Sardinian Warbler (update with photos)

PPO was fortunate enough to be near the ringing station before and when the Sardinian Warbler was caught, and he got these nice photos.

More photos on Blåvands homepage.

No sign of the bird since it was released at around 8 this morning.

Sardinian Warbler (M, 2cy+) in Blåvand

This morning HKn trapped and ringed a male Sardinian Warbler at Blåvand Fuglestation.

This constitutes the 7th record for Denmark - and the 2nd for HKn and Blåvand.



I forbindelse med Englands 3. fund af Hvidhals ("Irania") i går, er der lagt en række sjove billeder ud på BirdForum osv.

Jeg bemærkede på et foto, at der kan ses 8 teleskoper - og de er alle med vinklet okular! Er englænderne ved at omstille sig?

Ved ikke om det virker, men her er et link.


Rosy Starling at Nyeng

What a lucky day for me. I spend all morning in bus and train, going from Copenhagen to Blåvand, and when I arrived a Greenish Warbler was retrapped, and an hour later a Rosy Starling was found by Rasmus Due Nielsen (RDN) at Nyeng.


From the roof top of University of Copenhagen

'XX' caught!

We finally caught the male Red-backed Shrike carrying a GeoLocator.