Interesting Wheatear (Turkey)

Klaus Malling-Olsen photographed this (2nd photo) debated male 'black' Wheatear in Turkey.

The bird is paired with a female Finsch's Wheatear.

It has been reported as a Basalt Wheatear (Mourning Wheatear).

KMO notes that the primaries show pale bases on inner webs, however less extensive then on nominate Mourning Wheatear. This fits well with Ian J. Andrews' 1994 description: The upperwing is dark, with slightly paler bases to the inner webs of the primaries and secondaries (much less extensive than Mourning Wheatear).

Another possibility, as KMO mentions, is a dark morph Eastern Pied (or Variable) Wheatear (O. picata). This species I didn't even know, but apparently they are best separated on emarginattion of primaries (3 in Mourning/Basalt, 4 in Eastern Pied), wing-formula (lacking details?!), and more extensive black on undertail.

Would "more extensive black on undertail" be apparent on the 2nd photo linked above?

Are the primary coverts (PC) really as dark as it seems on the photo?


Shrikes in Gribskov (forest)

Will be spending quite some time this spring searching for Red-backed Shrikes that we mounted with GeoLocators last summer (or even 2009).

Today I was fortunate to find a bird carrying the PVC-ring "XX" (red, right leg). This bird was in fact mounted with a GeoLocator last year in the exact same clearing.

Saturday morning we'll go there and trap the bird, enabling us to see it's migration route throughout the past 11 months.

I found a further 8 R-b Shrikes, but only one more with a ring (metal only, however).

At Maglemosen a 2cy Osprey was resting in a treetop, and on Pælevej a distant Black Woodpecker was calling several times. Everywhere Green Sandpipers were claiming teritory.

Crappy cell phone photos below


Squacco Heron, Great Reed Warbler, Great Egret

Went back to Amager with KLa this morning, primarily to see the Squacco again.
A couple of other birders had given up, but after just five minutes we had the bird again and could text/sms other people.


Squacco Heron !

Went out to see the Great Reed Warbler (Grønjordssøen), but I only just got of my bicycle when ABK called me and told me about a Squacco Heron on Vestamager - just 3km south of me! I was the first twitcher on site.

Presumably 2cy Squacco Heron, ageing suggested by brown-mottled secondaries.

JSp, Munken (JMP), MWK

Caspian Tern in Utterslev Mose

This morning Kristian (KLa) and I found two Caspian Terns in Utterslev Mose in NW Copenhagen.



Went to Stubben this afternoon. Had Reed Warbler for the first time on this location - a sub-singing individual sitting just next to two fighting Lesser Whitethroats.


Ølsemagle Revle

Checked Ølsemagle Revle and Stauningsø with HeB hoping for a Calandra...

However, not many birds around. 15 Common Buzzards, a Red Kite and a Honey Buzzard migrating north. 

One of two fly-by Mediterranean Gulls 


Stubben with KLa

Kristian (KLa) is back after a month of ringing on the Greek island of Antikythira, and we spend the morning on Stubben watching some migration (mainly Barnacle Geese, but some Honey Buzzards and Yellow Wagtails as well).

Meadow Pipits everywhere, Red-throated somewhere else...

An unfortunate 2cy Herring Gull

Ospreys make my day ... migrating north at 12:24

Sand Martins fishing insects off the water

Map showing Stubben in northern Copenhagen

Common Terns performing nicely

and an Arctic Tern....

Barnacle Goose migration