Early Garden Warblers?

Sightings of Garden Warblers in April are rare in Denmark, but many observers claim this species singing (often not seen, however). This has been raising a debate on Netfugl.

In 2010 I trapped a Garden Warbler in Blaavand on April 29, even though the spring was cold and dominated by northwesterlies. So of course it is possible, but as with any unexpected record these birds ought to be carefully checked before they are reported.

Today I spend some hours in Amager Fælled looking for Sylvia warblers, especially for Garden Warblers. I looked through quite a few odd-singing Blackcaps to be sure, and they all proved to be Blackcaps. Whitethroats and Lesser Whitethroats were singing lively.

No Garden Warblers for me so far this year...

If you want to explore to differences in the song of these to Sylvia warblers, check this out


Back in Copenhagen

Easter in Blaavand was great and the south easterlies really brought a lot of birds with it. Spring last year was terrible in Blaavand.

By now I'm back in Copenhagen. Today I spend a couple of hours on Stubben (Nordhavnstippen) in northern Copenhagen, hoping for Hoopoe, Bee-eater, Pallid Harrier or Red-rumped Swallow. Unfortunately none of these species turned up. Instead I had four Wheatears, a singing Whinchat, a handful of Sand Martins, and a Lesser Whitethroat.

Reports of a Booted Eagle in Skagen made me text my parents as they were in Skagen. Soon after, they answered me simply saying "we're looking at it right now". Brilliant.
Later 1-2 Lesser Spotted Eagles were seen migrating with 3 White-tailed Sea Eagles at Råbjerg near Skagen.

The Marsh Sandpiper in Norsminde is still there, and a Greater Spotted Eagle was seen and photographed at Sneum in SW Denmark.

The next couple of weeks probably will bring more interesting birds to Denmark, but being stuck with studies in Copenhagen, I'm prone to miss the action.
However, I will make an effort. I'm certain that there a some (a lot!) rarities waiting to be discovered...



At last! A self-found beauty, and even one of my beloved Sylvia's. Today at 13:40 I found a male Subalpine Warbler Sylvias cantillans cantillans in the garden of Blaavand Bird Observatory where I work as a ringer during Easter.

What a bird!

This record constitutes the 57th record for Denmark, with an impressing 17 records from Blåvand.

The bird was present in the area until 19:30 or so, actively feeding on small larvae and insects throughout the day.  


Blåvand during Easter (2)

First day of ringing brought about 30 new birds, mostly cabaret redpolls, chiffchaffs, blackcaps and robins.

Red kite, marsh harrier and a couple of cranes as well.


Blåvand during Easter

I'll be staying at Blåvand Ringing Station throughout Easter, hopefully ringing some interesting spring arrivals...



Had a look for Penduline Tit and Garganey at Grønjordssøen on a stormy day (April 8). Failed to find any, however.

Treecreeper, Marsh Harrier, LSW

Furesø (April 9)


Marsh Harrier

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker