Following yesterdays record of a Desert Wheatear in Blåvand (the fourth Danish record in 2011) Kristian Laustsen and I decided to pay a visit to Stubben. 
The fresh air certainly helped on the hangovers.

Twites, Robins, Blackbirds, Black Redstarts, Long-tailed Duck and Snow Bunting.

No Caspian or Yellow-legged Gulls were to be found today...

2nd winter female Herring Gull carrying VAEA (yellow, right leg).
Ringed in Copenhagen in February 2011


Pygmy Owl & Two-barred Crossbill

Kristian Laustsen and I left at 5:30 from Nørrebro, and at 6:49 I heard a spontaneously calling Pygmy Owl for the first time. The owl has been on the site for about a week, so we decided to spend our time looking for other owls in Pinseskoven, instead of spending the entire day to get a glimpse of an already discovered owl. We found none, however.

A couple of hours later I found a flock of (at least) 14 Two-barred Crossbill in Kongelunden (the same forest).


'Brown' Lesser Whitethroat

An eastern halimodendri minula Lesser Whitethroat was found by Henrik Kristensen on November 5 at Gronningen, Blåvand, western Denmark. Subsequently the bird was captured and ringed, and biometrics were obtained. Furthermore, a feather sample was send for DNA-analysis, hopefully aiding in correct identification.

(Almost) certainly, this small, pale Lesser 'Throat is of eastern origin, and the characteristic rattling call was heard. 

More on Netfugl and AarhusBirder


Caspian Gull at Stubben

Finally had some spare time from my studies and went to Stubben.

Not a single Phyllosc was found, no wheatears, two thrushes (Blackbirds!) and an awful lot of noise from the machines building and digging. The area soon looks too urbanized to be fruitful for birding...

The day was saved by a 1st winter Caspian Gull bathing and preening together with 10 other gulls.

Western Black-eared Wheatear

A 1st winter male Western Black-eared Wheatear  (Oenanthe [hispanica] hispanica) was found by Henrik Brandt and Per Poulsen at Thorsminde, this morning at c. 10:25 am.

Throat looks pale but has this really anything to say? More on Black-eared Wheatear

Crown and mantle uniform warm orange-brown tone, speaking for Western (hispanica), following Adv. Bird ID Guide

More photos are now available on Netfugl and at PPo's blog.

Photo: Per Poulsen 


Mandø 2011 (updated)

Kristian and I had been looking forward to a full week of birding on the small island of Mandø. For the preceding months we had read ID papers and gone through endless photos of sibes and yanks. Finally, on the afternoon of the October 16 we arrived with the help of my parents, who drove us from Esbjerg.

The weather was grey and autumnlish - not to bad - but a lot of wind, unfortunately. We set out for birding every morning at 8 am, and didn't return for anything except a quick lunch, until sun set.

We recorded a total of 111 species, to mention a few: Yellow-browed Warbler (2-3), Firecrest, Richard's Pipit, Great White Egret, Sooty Shearwater (!), Pomarina Skua, Great Skua, Arctic Skua, Little Bunting, and

Red-eyed Vireo - a first for Scandinavia! Found by local birder Eva Foss Henriksen moments before Kristian Laustsen and I by chance visited the same site.

Late 1cy Black Tern. Flanks were pure white, so no chance of surinamensis.

Kristian's bins and yet another cup of coffee between some rain showers.

Kristian carrying my scope. In order for us not to carry more than necessary, I went with the camera and we had walkie-talkies.

Quite late Lesser Whitethroat (found on October 19, photos taken October 22). Probably ssp curruca although the head (especially ear coverts) seemed conspicuously dark in most angles of view. Size was as curruca. Underparts buff. Call not heard.

Kristian and me checking the late Lesser Whitethroat. (Photo: Per Poulsen )

Difficult to decipher tail pattern from this record shot.

Little Bunting. Found by Klaus K. Nielsen late afternoon, October 20. We had just walked all the way down to the Vireo (hoping the twitchers had left, allowing another peaceful sunset view of the Vireo) when an SMS reported Little Bunting 1.5km north of us. New lifer, so we ran!

Checking the coastline for wheatears (hoping for Isabeline) yielded 2-6 Northern Wheatears every day.

Peregrin Falcon

Pomarine Skua (digiscoped at quite long range)

And the Vireo - a great find! Photos shot late afternoon on October 19 in poor light (hence ISO1600).

This Richard's Pipit hadn't been seen for 9 days when we relocated it on October 16. Presumably the same bird that THH found here on October 2.

When checking the fields for locustellas and pipits we stumpled upon many Short-eared Owls (including a flock of 8).

This photo, however, shows a Long-eared Owl (as RSN drew my attention to). The bird was flushed and only seen briefly through the camera. Note amongst other things that the wing lacks the broad white trailing edge seen in Short-eared Owls.

 Twitchers at the Vireo (October 20)

Migrating Wood Lark

Yellow Browed Warbler


What a great find !

Punkbirder MEGA   -   Rufous-tailed Robin


Mandø in week 42

In week 42 (the autumn hollidays) Kristian Laustsen (KLa) and I will be staying (that is: birding) on the small island of Mandø, southwestern Denmark. Kristians family has a summer house there, so we'll have the best opportunities for full-time birding.

There's no Internet connection there so I'll not update the blog during our stay.

Fingers crossed !


Buzzard migration!

Today (11:35-13:50) at Stubben, northern Copenhagen:

Common Buzzard 1160 (in just over two hours)
Red Kite 3 flock
Sparrowhawk 3
Hen Harrier 1  (+ 1 puzzling harrier left unidentified)

The buzzards just kept coming in, flocks of varying sizes from 4 to 150+. A lot of the birds came directly over Stubben, whereas other flocks passed just north of, others again just south of. Most birds flew high, but single birds flew very high for my 7x42 Dialyt... Almost like afternoon Honey Buzzards at the Strait of Gibraltar.

A tower of circling Buzzards. 


Sensor dust on Lumix ?!

Since working at the ringing station last year my Panasonic Lumix ZS3 pocket camera has suffered from a terrible amount of dust on the sensor. I use it once in a while for digiscoping I tried to disassemble the camera and remove the dust. I followed this guide and it worked perfectly well.
So that's some sort of recommendation - try it out if your pocket camera has dust on its sensor.


Two-barred Crossbill

In Gribskov with PPO. I would have sworn, not to twitch the Two-barreds in Gribskov, but when PPO suggested a short trip (and I really needed to get out of Copenhagen) I couldn't resist.


Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Siberian Stonechat

Celebrating my birthday on Skallingen, near Blåvand, we went and had very nice views of the Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Grønningen (Mærsk Vase, exactly where the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper was discovered). Henrik Knudsen (HKn) found a Siberian Stonechat (maurus) near the ringing station, and luckily we got short but good close views of it.

Watch Rasmus Stracks video of the maurus Stonechat here.

HKn caught two Yellow-browed Warblers when we got there - the first I see this year.

 1cy Buff-breasted Sandpiper


African White-backed Vulture

Javier "full time birding" Elorriaga found an African White-backed Vulture at el Algarrobo (Algarrabo), southern Spain. Well done!


Turning Torso (Malmö)

Malmö seen from Stubben (southeast)



This morning at Stubben:
Marsh Harrier  8
Sparrowhawk  26
Honey Buzzard  2
Common Buzzard  5
Merlin  1
Hobby  1

Hen Harrier (1cy male) 

Distant Hobby